The Gerald Keogh Identity Series (GKIS)

The current website hosted The Gerald Keogh Identity Series, a popular collection of features that ran online from 2015 to 2017. It consisted of 26 articles on identity and a three-part essay on Irish national identity.

Reaction to the GKIS

“… a valuable–and provocative–challenge to the dominant narrative”

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“Fascinating Website”

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“… a good read”

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“A great series of articles …”

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NOTE The average session duration for visitors to the website during the GKIS was 6.2 minutes (9.2 minutes Ireland)


Where have all the GKIS articles gone?

Extracts from the articles and essay of The Gerald Keogh Identity Series, together with material from Shelter and Shadows (here) have been incorporated into a new book entitled Universal Identity – Scientific answer to key question of our age (provisional pre-publication title) by Raymond M. Keogh. Updates about progress towards publication will be posted on …

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Who Was Gerald Keogh?

Who was Gerald Keogh after whom the Gerald Keogh Identity Series is Named? A RARE VIGNETTE OF 1916 Irish Volunteer Gerald Keogh was killed at dawn on Easter Tuesday 1916 by Anzac troops defending Trinity College Dublin. Coincidentally, he was killed on April 25th, the first anniversary of the landing of the Australian and New Zealand …

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Anzac Digger & Irish Rebel – clash of national symbols

 Anzac Digger & Irish Rebel: Base of Identity Series   Like the “Anzac legend”, the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin is symbolic of that country’s birth pangs into nationhood. The death of a Rebel represents the clash of potent national symbols, executed through the heroic figures of Anzac Digger and Irish Rebel, writes Raymond M Keogh. …

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The Forgotten 1916 Volunteer

The “ANZAC Incident” Reveille Magazine has just published a special 1916 issue entitled “Easter 1916”. An article written by Raymond Keogh about his granduncle Gerald Keogh appears in this edition which is titled: The Forgotten 1916 Volunteer and the ‘ANZAC Incident’. The Story of Gerald Keogh, D Company 4th Battalion, Dublin Brigade Irish Volunteers; pp. 70-73. Easter …

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Gerald Keogh

Death of a Volunteer

Anzac Bullet Brings Shaw to Town The Dublin Review of Books carries Raymond Keogh’s article about Irish Volunteer Gerald Keogh in Issue 75 (February 2016). It describes how the Anzac bullet that killed Gerald – an incident which occurred in front of Trinity College on Easter Tuesday 1916 – created ripple effects that went far …

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Roof of Trinity 3

Band of Brothers

Complex Family Identity Gerald Keogh—after whom “The Gerald Keogh Identity Series” is named—was the youngest of three other brothers who took part in the Easter Rising in 1916. He was killed by Anzac troops defending Trinity College Dublin. Cyril, who described himself as an actor, was arrested and confined in Richmond Barracks. He, along with …

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