Roof of Trinity 3Complex Family Identity

Gerald Keogh—after whom “The Gerald Keogh Identity Series” is named—was the youngest of three other brothers who took part in the Easter Rising in 1916. He was killed by Anzac troops defending Trinity College Dublin.

Cyril, who described himself as an actor, was arrested and confined in Richmond Barracks. He, along with two hundred other prisoners, was sent to Knutsford Detention Barracks in England.

Leo—like Gerald—had been a dispatch rider in the Rising. Frank was, according to Gerald’s niece, Finola Keogh, also interned.

One might be forgiven for concluding that the Keoghs were a wholly committed republican family. However, Gerald’s brother J. Augustus, became manager of the Abbey Theatre in 1916 but had little interest in politics. Another brother, John Baptist, had joined the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles and was killed in action in Flanders on 25th October 1914.

The article by Raymond M. Keogh was published by the Journal of the Medal Society of Ireland (26 February 2010):

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