Who was Gerald Keogh?

What is the Series about?


Launch Moment

Unveiling of plaque to Gerald Keogh on Anzac Day 2016 with eerie reflection of roof in window (left) from which snipers killed him in 1916

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What is The Gerald Keogh Identity Series?

Examining the Notion of Identity The Irish Decade of Commemorations and Centenaries (2012-2022) recalls happenings which led up to independence. Perhaps more meaningful than simply remembering events is to ask: What do they mean to us today? More importantly, what will the outcome of the Decade be once the commemorations are over? Surly a lasting …

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Who Was Gerald Keogh?

National Identity Under Scrutiny Irish Volunteer Gerald Keogh (inset) was gunned down by troops of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs) who were on the roof of Trinity College Dublin during Easter week, 1916. He was killed at dawn on Anzac Day, the precise moment that these countries cherish to commemorate their own …

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