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What is The Gerald Keogh Identity Series?


Examining the Notion of Identity

The Irish Decade of Commemorations and Centenaries (2012-2022) recalls happenings which led up to independence. Perhaps more meaningful than simply remembering events is to ask: What do they mean to us today? More importantly, what will the outcome of the Decade be once the commemorations are over? Surly a lasting legacy would be a renewed sense of “identity”?

Short articles, examining the notion of “Identity” and providing a fresh and innovative understanding of the concept will appear on this website at the beginning of each month starting on Anzac Day, April 25th, 2015.

The Identity Series – which will continue until the end of 2017 – will not fall into the trap of dragging up and reworking hackneyed arguments.

The ultimate goal of the Series, which is sponsored by Our Own Identity, is to make a lasting contribution to the pivotal period we are living through.