Shelter & Shadows


The book was launched 26th September 2016

Nominated Book of the Week by Wicklowvoice (29th September 2016)

Editor’s Books Selection Irish Roots Magazine (final quarter 2016)

The GK Identity Series is based on Shelter and Shadows

Availability of Shelter and Shadows here



Quest for Identity

Shelter and Shadows reveals what it is to be born and live between two worlds that emerged from conflicting Irish traditions. In a lifetime quest to resolve his dilemma, Raymond Keogh traces the origins of his contradictory ancestral legacy. The outcome is the story of a hybrid family; its complex social histories; its interweaving genealogies; its genetic profile; and its identity.

Coming to terms with ancestral conflict and cultural incompatibility awakens a revolutionary view of our common humanity. Ultimately, we are presented with an uplifting exploration of the meaning of human identity.

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Shelter & Shadows

  Shelter and Shadows  Raymond Keogh is to be congratulated on a highly unusual book which is hard to classify. Perhaps it is best described as a personal odyssey through his familial past which brings him to see that out of all our personal, tribal and racial conflicts must come a better undertanding of our …

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A Special Product of The Gerald Keogh Identity Series Decade of Commemorations (2012-2022) eBook version of Shelter and Shadows    ISBN 9780993565212 here ($8.99) here (£6.99) Paperback Available at Books Upstairs (€14.99) 17 D’Olier Street Dublin Dublin 2 (01) 677 8566 ISBN 9780993565205    Kennys Bookshop Galway (€14.99) ISBN 9780993565205 Free Delivery worldwide here     …

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