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IDENTITY: Who Do We Think We Are?


DNA sequences and human reproductin provide new scientific base for defining identity

DNA sequences and human reproductin provide new scientific base for defining identity

We can all agree about when life begins


This is described by Dr. Maureen Condic (Director for Human Embryology, University of Utah):

  • Following the binding of sperm and egg to each other, the membranes of these two cells fuse, creating in this instant a single hybrid cell: the zygote …
  • Because the zygote arises from the fusion of two different cells, it contains all the components of both sperm and egg …
  • These modifications block sperm binding to the cell surface and prevent further intrusion of additional spermatozoa …
  • Clearly, then, the prior trajectories of sperm and egg have been abandoned, and a new developmental trajectory—that of the zygote—has taken their place.[1]

In other words, the zygote, is immediately protective of itself—a state that will be conserved in the individual until the death of the whole organism. This provides a non-arbitrary definition of when the life of the individual begins and ends.

[1] Source: Condic, M. L. 2008. When does Human Life Begin? A Scientific Perspective. In: Westchester Institute White Paper Series. The Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person, Thornwood, NY.



 DNA sequences and human reproduction provide a new scientific base for defining identity here




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