Oct 27

IDENTITY: Who Do We Think We Are?

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Irish Identity: Call for Objectivity

Could this happen? Is it happening?

Could this happen? Is it happening?

It is naive to think that totalitarianism of the future will arrive with the jackboot as National Socialism of the 1930s did. … MORE TOMORROW

A look at Irish National Identity beyond the 2016 Commemorations


Future Aspirations within a Framework of Universal Identity here



Problems always arise when those who belong to a nation, like Ireland, try to find some unchanging or common characteristics that identify the group within its synthetic borders. It’s a futile exercise.


This Series is based on Shelter and Shadows “… a highly unusual book … a personal odyssey …” Dublin Historical Record 2016 here

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Shelter and Shadows is the Editor’s Books Selection (Irish Roots Magazine) for final quarter 2016


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