In this section we provide selected publications on identity written by Raymond M. Keogh. Raymond has proposed that the definition of “personal identity” and “communal identity” be based on DNA and the human genome.


The approach was first presented in Shelter and Shadows (2016).


It has subsequently been refined in DNA & the Identity Crisis (Philosophy Now, Issue 133, August/September 2019).


The approach is further elaborated in a new book by the author entitled Universal Identity – Scientific answer to key question of our age (provisional pre-publication title). Updates about progress towards publication of this title will be posted on this website.



Other publications of the author that are associated with The Gerald Keogh Identity Series are presented in GKIS here.


Shelter and Shadows

Quest for Identity The definition of “personal identity” and “communal identity”, based on DNA and the human genome, was first proposed in Shelter and Shadows in 2016. Overview Shelter and Shadows has been described as a “personal odyssey”. It reveals what it is to be born and live between two worlds that emerged from conflicting Irish traditions. …

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What does it mean to be Irish in the 21st century?

The Decade of Commemorations offers an ideal timeline in which to take a hard look at what we mean by identity. Read full article here Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Family History and Identity: The March of a Nation

We are all Irish on the island of Ireland, whether we trace ourselves back to the old Gaelic invaders, to the Vikings, the Anglo-Irish, or invaders who came to Ireland under Cromwell or King William, or to other professionals and soldiers who conquered Ireland at other times. This ragbag of liquorice all-sorts is who we …

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Family History and Identity: DNA

Given that my ancestors depended on a wide swath of geographical regions for their existence, I can no longer limit my identity to one island or even one region. Keogh, R. M. 2009. Family History and Identity: DNA. Irish Roots; Issue 71; pp. 24-25.   Share this:FacebookEmailPrint

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Family History and Identity: Clash of Cultures

History has left ireland with many cultural contradictions and uncomfortable division of identity beneath the surface. When our understanding of the nature of these anomolies is unfettered by artificial definitions of who we are, the outcome has the power to transform us utterly. Keogh R. M. 2009. Family History and Identity: Clash of Cultures. Irish Roots. …

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Family History and Identity

Contemporary Irish society is changing rapidly and, with it, a concern that Ireland is losing its identity. Will culture, history, the Irish language and all that was held dear only a generation ago be forgotten? Will the thousands of immigrants that are arriving daily, dilute the vestiges of the irish national heritage beyond recognition? Keogh, …

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