About Us

Our Own Identity is an Irish publishing company that was set up in 2014 by Raymond and Joe Keogh.

Raymond brings his lifelong focus on identity to the venture while Joe supports the undertaking with his background in PR and his experience gained in his own company Keogh Photography.

Cover IMG_7919 ARaymond M. Keogh, graduate of University College Dublin, became a community extension officer for the UN in Central America during the 1970s. He is best known for his international work with teak. His extensive experience in tropical forestry; his involvement with local communities; his marriage into Salvadorian society; his first-hand knowledge of a range of world cultures; and a lifetime dedicated to understanding his own family’s complex social history, became the ideal blend in which he developed the concept of our common or universal Identity. These views are expressed in his book Shelter and Shadows which was published in 2016.

joeJoe Keogh, is a PR specialist, videographer and owner of Keogh Photography. He has worked in the corporate environment for over a decade. He is qualified in public relations and regularly freelances for the national and local press.

Joe grew up in Ireland but has also lived in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Kenya—underlying experiences that help to explain his patient and relaxed approach to life. His goal is to provide clients with the best in public relations and corporate photography.

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ourownidentity AT gmail.com