The Gerald Keogh Identity Series 


This website hosted The Gerald Keogh Identity Series, a popular collection of features that ran online from 2015 to 2017. It consisted of 26 articles on identity and a three-part essay on Irish national identity. They have been removed from the site and their salient issues have been incorporated into a new book whose provisional (pre-publication) title is:

Irish Identity? A new vision of Irishness on the anniversary of independence 

The GKIS was named after Irish Volunteer Gerald Keogh (granduncle of Raymond Keogh) who was gunned down outside Trinity College Dublin on Anzac Day 1916 (see here).

Reconciliation between two families who were on opposite sides in 1916. Patrick McHugh (dark glasses) born in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia and Raymond Keogh from Bray, County Wicklow reconcile on the lawn of Trinity College Dublin on Anzac Day, 2016





Reaction to the GKIS

“… a valuable–and provocative–challenge to the dominant narrative

The Little Museum @dublinmuseum

Fascinating Website

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“… a good read

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A great series of articles …”

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NOTE Interest in the GKIS is also indicated in the average session duration for visitors to the website which was  6.2 minutes (9.2 minutes in Ireland) during the presentation of the series.