Supporting a totally new view of Identity

27th March 2020 OOI 0

By separating identity from perceptions of who we are, allows us to recognise the difference between subjective and objective dimensions of our lives. Our identity is objective in nature; our perspectives are subjective ways of perceiving ourselves. There is no contradiction between these views

Identity – Who am I?

28th February 2020 OOI 0

Who am I? Most of us ask the question at critical stages or during periods of major upheaval in our lives. The answer has two dimensions: me as a person, and me as part of a group. In our quest for answers we are seeking something that makes us unique and different.

The Science of Identity

29th July 2019 OOI 0

Until recently it was not possible to define identity. New information about the human genome clearly demonstrates that this situation has changed. We can now define personal identity and communal identity in objective or scientific terms.