Can Science Define Our Identity?

Oh no it can’t!

Oh yes it can!

The thrust of Our Own Identity’s website in 2020 is to explore the new objective paradigm of “identity” and show how it dovetails into more widely held perspectives of the topic. The latter do not conform to the strict definitions of identity and are, therefore, seen as something separate but complementary.

An outline of the new concept is derived mainly from two papers from Raymond Keogh (below) and the book Shelter and Shadows here.

The first paper: DNA & The Identity Crisis appeared in Philosophy Now (Issue 133: August/September, 2019 here) along with subsequent Letters that surfaced in Issues 134 (The Clone Wars) and 135 (I-DNA? I Do Not Agree).

The second: Can Science Define Our Identity? was published in EuroScientist (January 2020 here)

Ship of Theseus


Pantomime (Creative Commons AudaCity3371) here

Ship of Theseus (Wikimedia Commons) here