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The Voice for Universal Identity

There are two basic perspectives on “identity”: the old (subjective) and the new (objective).

The new paradigm is also known as universal identity. It is scientifically based and is definable in concise terms here.

All old approaches—and there are many—are subjective and, with few exceptions, lack a definition for the word. This means that the term must be understood through description. As a result, a myriad of lengthy, convoluted and even contradictory explanations have arisen, resulting in widespread confusion.

Without doubt “identity” is a complex issue and it is important to resolve its ambivalence. At stake are more than academic arguments. Identity goes to the heart of who we are, how we regard ourselves, and how we behave. Our quest for identity is a most worthy undertaking because belief in who we are influences all we do and who we become.

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Being The Voice for Universal Identity means that this site is dedicated to promoting the new scientific approach to our understanding of identity.

This site is dedicated to promoting the new scientific approach to our understanding of identity

You may simply want to read the most recent article (i.e. the top article after this website guide). You can bring up articles related to any particular month (sidebar “Select Month”). Or you may arrange the articles according to “tags”.

At the bottom of each article of the blog you’ll find the tags (indicated by a white tag symbol in a red box – also shown in the featured image). Click on any of these and all the articles with that tag will appear. The main tags are indicated next:

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Content curation

The site deals with a wide spectrum of material from the highly academic to trite. It tries to present all material in a way that is understandable to the average reader. Therefore, it may be regarded as a content curation site. It presents subjective material (i.e. old approaches) in terms of the new paradigm of identity.

Special themes

In addition, the site deals with special themes (e.g. heritage projects). The purpose of these projects is to:

  • Highlight the differences, in practice, between the old and new identity paradigms; and
  • Show that many of the subjects which are being treated as “identity” under the old paradigm are accommodated in a better and totally complementary manner under the new.


Despite the need to make an initial and profound mental adjustment, the advantages of applying the objective meaning of identity are enormous. The overwhelming benefits accruing from this change are compelling arguments in its favour.

These benefits include: the standardisation of the meaning of “identity” across all disciplines; linguistic precision; the achievement of an important inroad against subjectivity in the social sciences; knowledge that every person has a unique unchanging identity that cannot be removed despite the vagaries of life (we may experience difficult times, but we cannot have an “identity crisis” or lose our identity); and reinforcement of the notion of oneness in the entire human family.       


You will see that comments are not allowed at the end of each article.

This may cause a certain amount of frustration in those who are eager to respond immediately to material they read, especially if they disagree with what is being said.

It is not that Our Own Identity wants to prevent reaction – quite the opposite! But it is widely recognised that many comments sections become bins for venting irritation or rage, rather than places for developing well-constructed ideas or making serious contributions.

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