Goodbye 2020. Hello the Future!

17th December 2020 OOI 0

Many of us will be happy to see the end of a most difficult year. We have hope that things will improve in 2021 but it is unwise to think that all our problems are over. This article looks at what the future might hold.

Overcoming the West’s Divided Society

7th November 2020 OOI 0

The 2020 Presidential election in the United States demonstrated one clear message: the country is sharply divided. The gulf is symptomatic of a wider split that is a blighting Western society in general. Fortunately, there is a better way forward.

The Future of Human Identity?

6th October 2020 OOI 0

The intellectual capacity of mankind gives us the potential to break the natural trajectory of evolution; but what does it mean for human identity?