A question we all ask

Shelter and Shadows (ebook version here) has been described as a “personal odyssey” by the Dublin Historical Record. The first part of this three-part book gives the impression that it is about family history. Not so. While the book does employ the historic background of the author’s family, the reader is introduced to a much deeper question. It is one that we all ask at some point in our lives. Who am I?

Shelter and Shadows is best classified as an anthropological exploration. Published by Our Own Identity in 2016, it outlines in a personal narrative, the quest that led to the discovery of the new paradigm of universal identity here.


  • Alan Hanna’s Bookshop, 270 Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6
  • Books Upstairs, 17 D’Olier Street Dublin Dublin 2
  • Kennys Bookshop, Galway

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Novel by the same author

St Patrick’s Letter to Prosper was published by Paulines Publications Africa in 1995. It has just been re-written under the title Patrick’s Lost Letter (subtitle: A Twenty-first Century Novel about Ireland’s National Apostle) and will be submitted to a publisher.

The Decade of Centenaries began in 2012 and was set to end in 2022 on the anniversary of independence. This is the natural starting point for a Decade of Anniversaries that celebrates the rich Christian heritage of Ireland and remembers high points of its history, not least of which were the achievement of Catholic Emancipation in 1829 and the 1600th anniversary of the coming of Saint Patrick in 432. Patrick’s Lost Letter will draw attention to the forthcoming Decade and take a closer look at a figure that the Irish in Ireland and the diaspora revere.