A question we all ask

Shelter and Shadows (ebook version here) has been described as a “personal odyssey” by the Dublin Historical Record. The first part of this three-part book gives the impression that it is about family history. Not so. While the book does employ the historic background of the author’s family, the reader is introduced to a much deeper question. It is one that we all ask at some point in our lives. Who am I?

Raymond M. Keogh is author of Shelter and Shadows published by Our Own Identity in 2016. It outlines, in a personal narrative, the quest that led to the discovery of the new paradigm of identity.

Forthcoming book

The “new” paradigm (also described as universal, objective or scientific identity) defines personal and communal identity on the basis of DNA and the human genome.

Provisional Cover

An exploration of the paradigm is presented in the forthcoming book by the author, against the background of social and political changes in Ireland since the initiation of the State. It is to be published in 2022. The provisional (pre-publication) title is: Irish Identity Today.

Novel by the same author

St Patrick’s letter to Prosper (out of print) by Raymond Keogh was published by Paulines Publications Africa in 1995.

Our Own Identity plans to republish the novel as an ebook in the not-too-distant future.

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